Black Lives Matter white text on black background.

Dear all,

Smith + Connors stands in solidarity with the Black community and the protesters who are advocating for bold, long-lasting change. No longer can our society tolerate white supremacy in any form, and we share the responsibility to help dismantle it. We acknowledge that we have a role to play in this work.

While each of us are individuals responsible for how we show up in the world - we are a values-driven agency and know that this means doing what we can to help eradicate racism in all forms. As a company, we commit to working indefinitely and actively to:

  • Continue educating ourselves about ways to be more antiracist in all aspects of our business.
  • Invest time and resources to broaden our talent network and improve our hiring processes to bring more diverse candidates into Smith + Connors for full-time and contract positions.
  • Use our privilege and platform to amplify BIPOC voices, speak out against racism, and educate other white people.
  • Demand that our mayors and county and city commissioners radically divest from police spending and instead invest in community-based and peer-led services and resources.

Black Lives Matter.

With love and in solidarity,
Talie Smith, Scott Smith, Becca Connors, Co-Founders
And the entire S+C Team