An animated illustration with the words “We’re Live!” with confetti falling down. Once the confetti is gone, the words change to “What Next?”
A grid layout of various stock photo images of people, plants, and places.
A collage of photographs from the year surround the numbers ʻ2023ʻ.
A photograph of Talie Smith smiling and looking off to the right.
An illustration of a grid of squares, being disrupted by an organic squiggly line with an arrow on the end.
A photograph of Talie Smith speaking at a panel on building high performance teams.
An animated gif rotating through multiple images of Smith & Connors design work including a t-shirt design, package design, logo, and business card — all against a rainbow colored gradient background.
A photograph of a smiling woman is surrounded by speech bubble icons.
A collage of imagery with torn edges and colored shapes representing moments from Smith & Connor's 10 Year history.
An illustration of the letter "A" surrounded by web UX elements.
a photograph of Kimberly A.C. Wilson smiling and looking off frame.
The B Corp Certified logo on various colorful backgrounds.
A collage of abstract shapes representing modular website components and web connectivity.
Graphic of clipboard, notes, pencil and scotch tape.
An illustration of a webpage wireframe with pathway arrows pointing to and highlighting specific content
Washington County Cooperative Library Services - animated library card with moving shapes on the card
Text on a light background reads 'The internet is a place for everyone.'
A photograph of paper cut into the shape of talk bubbles overlapping each other.
Graphic with Smith & Connors partners and mission, vision and values
Graphic showing contributions of the Oregon Community Foundation.
Headshot of Trabian Shorters
Talie and Scott Smith in brand workshop.
A person writing on a piece of paper with a pen.
The Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA) logo on a background of branded colors and shapes
Black Lives Matter white text on black background.
People painting a zebra painting.
Women looking at handwritten papers hanging on wall.
Creative Director pointing to design work laid out on table.
Scott Smith speaking at a conference.
Talie Smith in discussion at meeting.
Picture of chairs with Design Therapy in between image.
Images of people participating in a design tournament.
Scott Smith speaking at a conference.
Talie Smith speaking at a conference.
Graphic of a soundwaves coming from a mouth into an ear.
Post it note with the words change the world.
Grouping of images about hunger.
Society Hotel coasters hanging on a board.
Plant on a desk with computer screen in the background
Cow with a branded mark
Scott Smith writing notes on a whiteboard