A layered collage with overlapping boxes that represent text, images, and UI elements. This represents the sometimes chaotic web of content types you need to consider as you're building a website.
A series of colorful lines cross over each other, with white dots where they intersect. A visual metaphor for creating clear pathways of understanding, and connecting complex ideas.
An animated illustration with the words “We’re Live!” with confetti falling down. Once the confetti is gone, the words change to “What Next?”
A grid layout of various stock photo images of people, plants, and places.
A collage of photographs from the year surround the numbers ʻ2023ʻ.
A photograph of Talie Smith smiling and looking off to the right.
An illustration of a grid of squares, being disrupted by an organic squiggly line with an arrow on the end.
A photograph of Talie Smith speaking at a panel on building high performance teams.
An animated gif rotating through multiple images of Smith & Connors design work including a t-shirt design, package design, logo, and business card — all against a rainbow colored gradient background.
A photograph of a smiling woman is surrounded by speech bubble icons.
A collage of imagery with torn edges and colored shapes representing moments from Smith & Connor's 10 Year history.
An illustration of the letter "A" surrounded by web UX elements.
a photograph of Kimberly A.C. Wilson smiling and looking off frame.
The B Corp Certified logo on various colorful backgrounds.
A collage of abstract shapes representing modular website components and web connectivity.
Graphic of clipboard, notes, pencil and scotch tape.
An illustration of a webpage wireframe with pathway arrows pointing to and highlighting specific content
Washington County Cooperative Library Services - animated library card with moving shapes on the card
Text on a light background reads 'The internet is a place for everyone.'
A photograph of paper cut into the shape of talk bubbles overlapping each other.
Graphic with Smith & Connors partners and mission, vision and values
Graphic showing contributions of the Oregon Community Foundation.
Headshot of Trabian Shorters
Talie and Scott Smith in brand workshop.
A person writing on a piece of paper with a pen.
The Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA) logo on a background of branded colors and shapes
Black Lives Matter white text on black background.
People painting a zebra painting.
Women looking at handwritten papers hanging on wall.
Creative Director pointing to design work laid out on table.
Scott Smith speaking at a conference.
Talie Smith in discussion at meeting.
Picture of chairs with Design Therapy in between image.
Images of people participating in a design tournament.
Scott Smith speaking at a conference.
Talie Smith speaking at a conference.
Graphic of a soundwaves coming from a mouth into an ear.
Post it note with the words change the world.
Grouping of images about hunger.
Society Hotel coasters hanging on a board.
Plant on a desk with computer screen in the background
Cow with a branded mark
Scott Smith writing notes on a whiteboard