The Whole Bowl logo decal on a glass door.
A landscape photograph of a Whole Bowl food truck in Portland, OR.
a collage of elements from the website surrounding a student on a computer.
three mobile page designs from the Boston University website
Screenshot of the heading of a Quantum Future article on the Berkeley Lab website.
Branded digital messaging
Landing page design
Ocean waves crashing on shore
Third Nature logo
A Black woman smiling with eyes closed against blue backdrop, gold border and JOBL brand bug in corner.
The Justice Oregon brand style guide, featuring the new brand palette and logo.
Lobby of The Society Hotel.
The Society Hotel round placards hanging from nails on a wooden board.
Library card design for WCCLS
Billboard mockup with the new West Slope Library branding
Marketing print collateral mockups with the new West Slope Library branding
A graphic of an Ohia lehua plant.
Screenshot of The Healy Foundation website homepage.
Oregon Community Foundation logo
Various covers and back pages of OCF annual reports across the years
Billboard mockup of The Steve Fund new brand and messaging
Branded pin buttons for The Steve Fund
Themed design for s.h.i.f.t. presentation report. Abstract, wavy and circular shapes in greens and purple.
Full page spread from the 2020 OCF Annual Report
Collage of full page spreads from the 2020 OCF Annual Report
Branded name tags for conferences and events
A collection of branded marketing materials: tote bag, name tags, brochures, business cards, and booklet designs
The Neighborhood Health Center website displayed on a laptop.
Screenshots of design elements of the Neighborhood Health Center website.