Headshot of Talie Smith

Talie helps organizations own their true voice through communications and brand in a methodology she calls “Design Therapy.” Her empathetic facilitation style guides people through sometimes uncomfortable change. Talie has been positioning organizations for growth through values-driven communications for more than 20 years. She draws upon her background in visual design, literature, and years working at the Soros Foundations to infuse the work at Smith & Connors with deeper meaning and impact. Her vision is to strengthen others who are working toward positive social change. Her boundless enthusiasm for design (and life!) make her a valuable partner.

A photograph of Talie Smith smiling and looking off to the right.
A photograph of Talie Smith speaking at a panel on building high performance teams.
An animated gif rotating through multiple images of Smith & Connors design work including a t-shirt design, package design, logo, and business card — all against a rainbow colored gradient background.