Zebras Unite logo

Zebras Unite is a founder-led, cooperatively-owned movement creating the culture, capital, and community for the next economy. A Zebra company is one that works for both profit and purpose. Like Smith & Connors.

We’ve been working with Zebras Unite since its inception. We built their core brand in 2017, and then extended it to a full system for the new co-op, global chapters, and investment arm. All along the way, we’ve been their partner in spreading the word. We became such a believer in the movement that we became a Founding Member of the Zebras Unite Co-op.

Branded image with Zebras Unite messaging

A brand design system

A logo at the heart of a system

The Zebras Unite logo shows the stripes of many zebras coming together to form a singular movement. A gradient is used to fill the mark and highlight Zebras Unite as a dynamic change agent: strong, confident, bold, and forward-thinking.

Zebras Unite stacked logo
Closeup of the Zebras Unite primary logo on collateral using the brand blue, against a neutral textured background
The Zebras Unite vibrant color palette

Many parts, one organization

Zebras Unite started as a nonprofit based on a big idea. We designed a brand and visual identity, and then soon the organization grew to include Zebras Unite Capital, their investment arm; Zebras Unite.org, their nonprofit arm; Zebras Unite Co-op; and dozens of global chapters. We extended the brand identity to each of these divisions, pairing colors from the gradient with the subbrands to build a whole family of brands.

Logos and branding for Zebras Capital, Zebras Unite Coop, and Zebras Unite Dot-Org
A collection of branded marketing materials: tote bag, name tags, brochures, business cards, and booklet designs
Zebras Unite Amsterdam chapter
Each chapter has its own representative color.
Zebras Unite Los Angeles chapter
Zebras Unite Sydney chapter
Zebras Unite Rio chapter

Welcoming new Zebras

We designed a welcome package that is sent out to new members of the co-op. The package is contemporary, colorful, exciting, and hopeful, giving these newly-minted Zebras sexy tools to promote the movement.

Branded social media template designs for Zebras Unite
DazzleCon postcard for Zebras Unite
GIF of the new member Welcome certificate for Zebras Unite
Zoom backgrounds for new Zebras members
Marketing promo for DazzleCon 2017
Name tag designs for DazzleCon
Zebras from all around the world came together to dream big and build community at the 2017 DazzleCon event in Portland, Oregon.
Collage of marketing materials for DazzleCon 2017
Design for the 2017 DazzleCon brochure, which folds out into a large poster
The 2017 DazzleCon brochure showing the event agenda

It would be hard to overstate the impact of our new branding and event design. It validated us immediately with our audiences, created excitement and energy inside and outside of the organization, and gave us a credible platform from which to grow quickly.

Headshot for Astrid Scholz

Project Scope

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Strategy & Messaging
  • Logo Design
  • Positioning
  • Signage & Environmental Design
  • Visual Identity Systems
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Workshops & Focus Groups
  • Audience & Channel Analysis
  • Campaigns
  • Copywriting & Content
  • Marketing Assets
  • Photography Direction
  • Presentations & Pitch Decks
  • Social Media

The Neighborhood Health Center website displayed on a laptop.
Screenshots of design elements of the Neighborhood Health Center website.
Let’s make something great together.