Collage of multiple pieces of branded materials for WCCLS, including truck wraps, website homepage design, digital messaging templates, and library card design
Collage of multiple pieces of branded materials for WCCLS, including truck wraps, website homepage design, digital messaging templates, and library card design

Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS), a network of 16 libraries in suburban Portland, Oregon, serves thousands of patrons every year.

When we first started working with their team, they were in the middle of a strategic shift toward greater equity and accessibility. They needed a brand refresh to emphasize this priority while also becoming more relevant and engaging to their diverse audiences. Our initial brand engagement led to a longer term creative partnership with the library team where we supported the creation of new website designs and strategy, campaigns, social media templates and content, tote bags, truck wraps, newly designed library cards for adults and kids, and brand language to be used throughout the system.

We won a Creative Communication Award for Branding and Brand Activation for this work. Check out the award here.

Side-by-side before and after of the old vs. new WCCLS logos

WCCLS at a glance

A refreshed identity

Starting with their book logomark as the center of gravity, we wanted to represent how a library contributes to the community. The curves of the logo led us to a new, friendly visual language that we grounded in a deep, trustworthy blue, paired with vibrant, modern colors as accents.

The expressions can range from playful to classical, depending on the campaign or content.

Website design for WCCLS

We are ecstatic about how they elevated our graphics and branding. The leadership team involved with providing feedback to the S&C team was effusive in their praise for how they captured our branding goals and brought them to fruition.

Branded background pattern for WCCLS
Logo mark variations for WCCLS, using the brand palette

Expressing the brand in the world

We worked with WCCLS to conceive and launch various digital campaigns, merchandise, collateral, and signage to reach new audiences online and in the community.

We designed truck wraps with new taglines to share the idea that the library is more than just a place to borrow books. We also designed a set of charming, lighthearted, cheeky, and stylish tote bags.

Gif showing two unique tote bag designs for WCCLS
Gif showing 4 unique library card designs for WCCLS
Branded WCCLS truck wraps

Creating a robust social platform + campaigns

We designed a wide range of graphic templates and assets for social and helped the library create nine social media campaigns to promote initiatives and tell their story. We also designed a set of Canva templates, delivered a user guide, and conducted a series of trainings for their team so they could learn how to use the tool and the new templates successfully.

The beauty of this collaborative Canva account is that we continue to add new templates as we build more assets and campaigns together.

Campaign signage design in multiple languages for WCCLS
Newsletter template design for WCCLS
We created a visual styleguide for WCCLS, which includes valuable design basics about hierarchy and scale they can apply in their communications.

I am so grateful for the Smith & Connors team for their incredible talent, seamless and responsive project management, and deep commitment to our organization's business, audience, and brand goals. The entire team breathed life into our campaigns and projects, which were often on tight timelines with high expectations! I have learned so much working with S&C and have truly enjoyed their rigorous and exciting creative process.

Headshot of Angela Kwan

Project Scope

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Positioning
  • Visual Identity Systems
  • Change Management
  • Staff Engagement
  • Surveys
  • Workshops & Focus Groups
  • Audience & Channel Analysis
  • Campaigns
  • Communications Strategy
  • Copywriting & Content
  • Email Newsletters
  • Marketing Assets
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Photography Direction
  • Presentations & Pitch Decks
  • Social Media
  • Digital Tune-Ups

Billboard mockup with the new West Slope Library branding
Marketing print collateral mockups with the new West Slope Library branding

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