A billboard on a white tiled wall with green vines surrounding that reads "How can we transform systems so both humanity and nature thrive? A different way to look at impact investing. Third Nature"
A billboard on a white tiled wall with green vines surrounding that reads "How can we transform systems so both humanity and nature thrive? A different way to look at impact investing. Third Nature"

Third Nature Investments presents a new kind of impact investing. Instead of starting with solutions, they start from the biggest challenges facing the Earth’s many systems.

Third Nature knows that for meaningful impact, we need to go beyond silos — human activity and natural systems are complex and interconnected. Jason W. Ingle, the founder, recognizes a $2 trillion opportunity to change the direction of an industry. Third Nature believes that we can both thrive and live in balance with nature if we see things in a new way and bring together bold, visionary investors to help launch the most innovative entrepreneurs across sectors and industries.

We helped Third Nature with a new brand strategy, visual identity, website, and marketing platform. Afterward, we partnered with them to develop and implement an ongoing marketing presence across media and channels.

A circular cut-out image of a beach line with blue ocean on one side and a green forest on the other. The foreground around the cut-out is dark blue and branded with abstract designs from Third Nature
A stack of Third Nature Investments 2021 annual report booklets on a wooden table

A New Identity

Expansive, organic, future-focused

Before the launch of the company, we worked with the founder to establish a strategy for the brand and messaging which has become a valuable foundation for the company as it grows.

The visual identity reflects a complex personality in a direct way. The color palette is sophisticated with touches of brightness and warmth. The type is modern and friendly. And photography of unfiltered, unadulterated images of the natural world and the innovative people in Third Nature’s ecosystem abound throughout the system as a reminder of the ultimate mission. The visual identity system is a vastly flexible set of concepts centering people and the planet as the focal point.

he Third Nature Investments color palette. Primary colors are Dark Blue, Teal, Mint, and Pale Blue. Secondary colors are a bright blue for Blueprint Investments, lime green for Capital Investments, orange for Catalyst Investments, hot pink for Parters, and purple for Ventures
A background of blue water lined by a green forest with the Third Nature brand personalities defined as "The Pathfinder," "The Enthusiast," and "The Guide"
Third Nature stationery laid out in an orderly manner over a teal backdrop. It includes note paper, an envelope's front and back, and the front and back of Jason Ingle's business card.
We developed a full suite of brand collateral for Third Nature.
A collage of imagery used on the Third Nature Investments website, include water, land, lush green backdrops, highway traffic, and farmers.
We built guidelines for using both stock and custom photography.
Screenshots from the Third Nature Investments brand guide, including typography, subrands, and photography.
The extensive guidelines provide the new company with a solid way to maintain brand discipline.

Building a brand system for the company’s future

One of the exciting aspects of the firm is its full-spectrum capital investment platform. Focusing only on venture capital would limit investor choice, so Third Nature will offer opportunities to leverage many different types of capital — from catalytic capital with big risk and bigger potential upside for financial and environmental return, to institutional capital with low risk in established markets.

We designed a sub-brand system for each offering that riffs off the logo and becomes a visual pattern in itself.

Third Nature Catalyst subbrand, including the logo and icon
Third Nature Ventures, which is the initial offering of the new company, is the first sublogo to be used in materials.

Building the marketing ecosystem

At launch, Third Nature needed an entirely new and complete set of materials across channels. We developed a strategy based on the various audiences and the company's business goals.

For example, presentation materials are crucial for the process of bringing investors and portfolio companies on board, so we began there. We built a new custom WordPress website that can grow and expand alongside the company. And we launched a social media strategy and set of assets (social templates, newsletter) to make marketing visually seamless.

d Nature Fund Presentation slide deck. Includes the cover page, a title page, and the presentation agenda page.
A screenshot from a monthly newsletter email for the story, "Transforming our critical earth systems"

Smith & Connors has been such an essential thought partner from literally day one of our conceptualization of Third Nature. We could not have done it without their consistent, supportive manner of collaboration throughout this journey.

Jason W. Ingle headshot

Project Scope

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Strategy & Messaging
  • Logo Design
  • Print & Collateral Design
  • Campaigns
  • Communications Strategy
  • Email Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Tune-Ups
  • SEO Strategy & Optimization
  • Web Design & Development

A Black woman smiling with eyes closed against blue backdrop, gold border and JOBL brand bug in corner.
The Justice Oregon brand style guide, featuring the new brand palette and logo.

Let’s make something great together.