Headshot of Scott Smith

Scott is a writer, strategist, and facilitator who mobilizes teams to examine the “why” behind their work and move toward important change. He is a master at translating complex information into simple, insightful systems, themes, and creative concepts. Scott has been crafting compelling content, strategies, experience design, and user experiences for well-known brands, universities, and cultural institutions for 15 years. He aligns and synthesizes content and messaging with visual and technical concepts to communicate with multiple audiences across media channels. His early career was focused on creative writing and copy editing for various magazines in New York City and working as an adjunct writing instructor at the City University of New York (CUNY). Scott always encourages people to move beyond the expected into big, bold, and different spaces. His strategy guides every project at Smith & Connors.

A collage of photographs from the year surround the numbers ʻ2023ʻ.
An illustration of a grid of squares, being disrupted by an organic squiggly line with an arrow on the end.
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