It’s critical that all the touchpoints where your brand connects directly with your audiences communicate a consistent and credible message. We develop strategies and assets that help your team implement your marketing seamlessly.

A photo of several Oregon Community Foundations annual reports laid out in grid format on a table

Focused and clear differentiation

With so many channels and formats, it’s vital to create cohesion.

Marketing Strategy

The first step is always to create a coherent strategy that tailors your message appropriately across media for all of your audiences.


We plan, conceptualize, strategize, write and design assets, and help implement across media.

Social Media

We design social skins, posts, and other assets and deliver in Canva. We also create and implement your social strategy to make your mark in the ever-changing social universe.

Email Newsletters

Growing a robust mailing list and delivering engaging, relevant content is one of your best strategies for growth. We help from strategy through implementation.your most valuable assets. These are the folks who opt in. We help you regularly deliver value to their inboxes.

Communications Strategy

How can you use your limited resources in the most powerful way? We help you plan it out from the high-level to the day-to-day.

Audience & Channel Analysis

Sometimes the landscape is complex — who are you talking to, and where are they hanging out? We’ll help you figure it out.

Copywriting & Content

Hamlet said it best: “Words, words, words.” We help our clients write for the medium, with clear hierarchies and effective calls to action.

Photography Direction

The photography an organization uses can make or break a brand impression. We create photography help with guidelines, source your libraries, or provide art direction with for your photographer.

Marketing Assets

From events to billboards to buttons: we design your assets and build usable templates for your team.

Signage & Environmental Design

Design in 3D! Brand is everywhere, including interiors and wayfinding signage and exterior signage.

Presentations & Pitch Decks

No matter who you are, no matter the sector, PowerPoint (or Google Slides) is your companion. We create beautiful, branded templates so you can focus on creating good content.

Library card design for WCCLS
Billboard mockup of The Steve Fund new brand and messaging
Branded pin buttons for The Steve Fund
Ocean waves crashing on shore
Third Nature logo

A collection of curvy and square shapes stacked together to resemble building blocks.
A layered collage with overlapping boxes that represent text, images, and UI elements. This represents the sometimes chaotic web of content types you need to consider as you're building a website.
A series of colorful lines cross over each other, with white dots where they intersect. A visual metaphor for creating clear pathways of understanding, and connecting complex ideas.

Let’s build your marketing platform together.