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14 Mar 2015

SearchFest 2015

By Scott Smith

On Friday, February 27, Talie and I headed downtown to the Sentinel Hotel to attend SearchFest, an excellent conference put on by SEMpdx every year.

We heard it all, from hard-core SEO and content marketing to social media and content strategy. There were highly technical talks about Panda and Hummingbird and getting penalized by Google for various esoteric infractions. At the other extreme, there were inspirational, high-level talks about how to create better, more effective content that connects with audiences and gets shared through various social media channels. All in all, we were impressed by the level of expertise — so much knowledge. And people from all over the country. That's amazing to me, here in little ole Portland.

Here are some of the standout talks for us:

We walked away charged up to integrate some of the things we learned into our own process. We believe deeply that creating great stuff is the best way to connect with people. (We also know that we can use social media and SEO to help make the introductions.)

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